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I have an old Springfield Trapdoor in 45-70 .

It has been in the family for well over 120 years. It is rumered that it was a  picked up during the Indian wars.

The stock was hacked off carbine length. You can see the knife or hatchet marks in it.

Also it keyholes the bullets . The Bullets are 459 dia, 500 grain.

My grandfather as i understand used to wrap 410 shotgun shells and shoot them out of the Rifle. That was in Southern Georgia.

Since it doesnt shoot very well i have been thinking about lining the Barrel to 40-65 . And putting a new stock on it. Something like Gemmer did to the Sharps Rifles. 

Does anyone know of someone who could do this for me?

Thank You

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Run-n-Iron Shop restores cowboy firearms to any degree of enhancement you desire. 



Beautiful restorations are done by Turnbull.



good luck, GJ

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