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Winchester 94 - 44 Mag

Chief Rick

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8 hours ago, Chief Rick said:

I understand the difference between an AE and non-AE rifle, but not the significance.


Angle eject allows one to use a top-of-receiver mounted scope.   That's about it.


good luck, GJ





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  I've done a bunch of them. Mostly for ranch use or field use. Don't take off metal unless you verify that is dragging by using dye. There are few points of drag or even contact in the action of a 94. Reduce the lever lock plunger spring, you may be able to reduce the main spring, lever wrap, and polish hammer to bolt contact keeping in mind take off too much it quits cocking far enough. 44 spl with heavy bullets work great , shoot easy , and give very good accuracy with little experimentation. Why buy a new gun when this one will do fine? Big bullets easier to handle when you have arthritis . Big bullet easier to persuade stuff to leave you alone.

 I consider it the easiest take down of any Winchester lever gun.

A test: Take out the mainspring and if the lever throw is too just long for his comfort look for something else.

I have physical issues and work with an aging community as instructor as well as gunsmith so just pm if I can help.

Joe west

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