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WTB 1887 Lever Action Shotgun.

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Looking for a slicked up and tuned 87 lever, one that has all Coyote Caps 35 errors corrected.:D

Must be able to be stoked AND have the drop 2 conversion.

It will be coming to OZ, so I need it in top nick.

Thanks for looking.


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1 hour ago, Cowhand,SASS#63559 said:

I have a two drop slicked up 87. It’s still new and I call it a China gun. Work done by Lassiter. $450.00 face to face or you pay for shipping. 

Hi Cowhand, yes that sounds great just what i'm after.

Are you able to stoke it up as well.? I heard that sometimes if there is a drop two conversion you can't stoke it.

Do you have any pics,? Is it an IAC or Chiappa, if it's your China gun must be an IAC.

I'll pay shipping, it has to go to MI to my export shipping agent.

 I can pay Paypal or I can get a cowboy near Abilene to send you a check.

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