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So, a couple of months back I ordered some Federal SPP and LPP off an internet dealer (for those wondering, I paid a ridiculous price of $56/1K).  Received the primers, no issues.  Here's what is different - the individual boxes (100 count) for both the large and small primers are marked "Not for Resale".  It is not on the box for the brick (1K), just the individual boxes.  I'm not going to be selling them, just curious if anyone has come across that before.


Thanks for any responses,


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There are posts related to "Not For Resale" primers in the wild dating back to 2011.


In that case, it seemed to be CCI unplated primers. As far as I could determine, the sales then were not strictly illegal but the packages did not contain the consumer safety leaflets that would be in retail packages.


Those primers were intended for ammo manufacturers and someone found selling them could end up losing the ability to be a distributor or purchaser of them. OTOH, there was a rumor I found from back then that they were from a bulk auction purchase of an ammo remanufactures that shut down. If that was the source, then certainly no problem with them from a manufacturer point of view.


So... Did this kind of issue happen again with another remanufacturer? Or is someone diverting reman primers to personal sale? Not sure that matters to you (or me) as a purchaser at a personal purchase level.


The only other thing I came across is that the (2011) primers were not plated. Reports from those who had some said they did not seat as "slickly" as plated primers.


All of this from some google searches I just did; so not personal experience.

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I guess at this point I wouldn't care if they came in a paper bag.:(

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