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I am looking for .32 Short or Long Colt dies or a Lee Classic Loader is the same caliber. These are NOT .32 S&W Long or .32 New Police.


Edit: I found a seating/crimp die. Still looking for a sizing die and neck expander.

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Gun shows, Colt Forum, and there is some reformed 32 S&W Long on GunBroker.

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I wish you luck and if you find two, let me know. I see that you have also posted WTB Lee loader for same. I use an old Ideal tong tool with bullet mold for the proper heeled bullet. Slower than using a modern die set but works. Using a heeled bullet you can deprime, reprime, add powder and finger seat the bullet. With the tong tool, you can do all that with the tool. Look around gun shows, if they have then in you area in these times, old gun stores or Evilbay. Tongs will be marked 32S, 32L, 32 Colt, or 32 CF. I use them to load for Marlin 1892, Remington Rolling Block #2, a Rook Martini and a Colt pistol. The center fire version of the 32 rimfire is the same as 32 Colt and the British 32 CF. 
Good luck. 

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The biggest issue is I need this for an article I have due in 25 days! I'm sure 26 days from now I will find what I need!

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1 hour ago, Crazy Gun Barney, SASS #2428 said:

Sorry Cholla, I don’t have one. But perhaps some pard that does could loan it to you for your article. 

I have a size O drill bushing coming. I hope to fit it into an orphaned die and make it work.

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