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Sold - Self Bow Strings

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Two that seem to be 64", one that is marked 36" 40-60#, and unmade strings. I no longer have a desire to make or use a selfbow. My elbow is tore up.

All for $20 shipped. Sold

Paypal, Venmo, check, or MO is acceptable.


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4 minutes ago, Butch McGie, SASS#71758 said:

Not to be ignorant or impertinent , but what is a "self  bow" ?



I’ve always understood it to be a bow you made yourself. 
I’ve got a long bow I’ve hunted with and enjoyed shooting but I never got in to rolling my own 

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A self bow is a one-piece bow made from a branch or sapling, no laminations, etc. I started making one years ago, but gave up trying to peel the bark off after it was dry, without breaking the next layer of wood. I have since learned, while making log furniture, that if one cuts the branch or sapling in the months that the leaves are forming (April and May) most tree bark peels right off like a sock. The best bows are made from Osage Orange, then hickory and ash. I tore up my elbow pulling back a bow, to the point just pulling my cell phone out of my breast pocket about put me to my knees. After a long recovery, I decided to try again. Bad idea. These strings came in a deal I made, but I won't be using them.

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I'll take them, please.

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