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***SPF***Not as much interest as I thought there would be in a nice ROA.  Another cowboy wanted the aftermarket grips that I had listed with this package initially so I went ahead and sold them to him and am lowering the price to $550 plus shipping.   It will come with the grips shown in the pictures, the holster, the original nipples in a separate envelope and with the SlixShot nipples that are installed.  No box and documents.


I ended up with this Ruger Old Army in a multiple gun trade a while back and am not really into shooting ROA's so will offer it up for sale here.  It has a 7 1/2 inch barrel and is the adjustable sight model.  The guy I got it from said he was pretty sure it was unfired.  It looks to be in excellent condition but of course I don't know for sure that it hasn't been fired before, only that I never have nor the guy who traded it to me.  Comes with a very serviceable Hunter holster that looks to be made for the ROA and also looks virtually new.  Probably not a holster you would use if you compete with these, but a very nice holster nonetheless.  Also included is the original nipples in a small envelope; the ones installed are supposed to be SlixShot (and probably are, I just am not qualified to say absolutely).  


I'm asking $600    $550  for the package plus whatever it would cost to ship it to you.  PM me if interested. (Oh yes, an "I'll take it" in the post trumps any conversation taking place that doesn't include a commitment to purchase. Put myself in an awkward position a short time ago by not mentioning that)









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Thanks Slim, but I need the fixed sight model for Frontiersman.

I should have been more specific in my post - my apologies.

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12 hours ago, Sgt Duncan said:

I cannot believe somebody doesn’t jump on this !

I am short on cash or else I would buy this in order to resell it !


I'm a little surprised that it hasn't been taken yet as well.  But it did allow me an opportunity to correct a mistake in typing in the amount I was asking. The first mention of price was correct, but I inadvertently entered the wrong number on the second one.

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  • Cherokee Slim changed the title to Ruger Old Army***SPF***

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