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WWII 45th ID Uniform Buttons

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On a FB forum a person asked about a button that was in a box of the personal effects of a WWII vet.


I suggested that he check out the US 45th ID as they had switched from a swastika to the Thunderbird at the start of WWII.   But did the Army have divisional buttons at that time?


As an aside,  he responded asking if it was a German button.   Still trying to figure that on out since I had written US 45th Infantry Division.  I  also gave him some links to get him started.


All that out of the way, could that button be from a 45th Infantry Division uniform?



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The only authorized regular army buttons were the standard Eagle and Corps of Engineers. Never seen that one. Of course, NG units March to a different drummer.

Did he say if there were any maker’s marks?



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The 45th was largely in Oklahoma (national guard) and chose that emblem because of all the Native Americans that served.  Google the 45th and you'll see they left quite a legacy.  

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I gave him 2 links 







Going with Bob's suggestion i did a quick search for OK NG buttons and it looks like those had a 5 point star with stuff in the arms.



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