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Someone please check on Widder......

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36 minutes ago, Captain Bill Burt said:

Nothing wrong with the Redneck Riviera, I'll be heading that way in a few days.  Got a place reserved on the Bon Secour river. 


Kajun could probably translate that.  Good something....hopefully good fishing.

CBB it means good help. I was gonna add something pithy and snarky about how “good” you are at helping but it’s Christmas so I’ll be nice. :P


Joyeux Noel y’all,




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Capt Bill,

I won't say much about the new Bionics but I can tell you that this new model is quieter and doesn't 'hummmmmmmm' 

when the Bunkhouse Boss puts something in the microwave.


..........Widder   (Walkin In A Widder Wonderland)




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19 minutes ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

Poor Red Knee.

I used to think he was just slow.

Now I know he's persistent and slow..... :D




Persistence pays my friend......


I studied extra hard and made it through 7th grade on only my second try!!!

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Hey Red Knee, while ole Widder is ‘walking in a Widder wonderland’ in his own little world (it’s ok they know him there) have you got him a speshul Christmas present? I happen to know he’s partial to gift certificates for Sams Club where he can get his speshul gun lube in bulk. :lol:



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Hey Krazy,


TN Williams just called and offered to be my sponsor and buy my SG shells.

He ask:  " how many shells do you think you'll need to whoop Red Knee?"


I replied:   'SIX'     :lol:




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