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.243 or .308

Anvil Al #59168

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4 hours ago, bgavin said:

243 is a barrel burner... it is a large over-bore in the same range as 7mm Ultra Mag, 8mm Remington mag and 300 Winchester mag.

308 is much less a barrel burner, same class as 223 Remington, 7mm-08, and 416 Ruger.

My interest is prairie dogs, and 243 has better ballistics than 223.
I found some very nice 75% published loads for 243 to throttle back some of the chamber wear.

Wherever did you get the idea that a .243 Winchester is a "barrel burner"?  You may be thinking of the .264 Winchester Magnum, which, in the days before some of the ultra-slow-burning powders was over bore.  Since Anvil Al already made his choice, what we would recommend is moot.  Had I chimed in in a broader category, I'd have recommended 6mm Remington, with a long throat that could handle 100 gr. bullets as well as lighter, or my own choice, .30-06.  But for Al's purposes, the .243 will do just fine.

Stay well and safe, Pards!

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You are more than welcome to do your own research into 243 being barrel burners.
264 Winchester is even more of an overbore than 243.


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