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For Widder .....

Yusta B.

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Thank you, Yusta.

And Happy 10/22 Day to you also.


I might add that we could also include Kid Rich and wish him a Happy 10/22 day also.


I managed to get a NICE Boyd's 10/22 laminate stock from TN Williams this past summer.   I'm contemplating building me a 5th

10/22, probably something from KIDD.


Since my heart surgery back in August, I haven't shouldered a rifle or SG and probably won't for a couple more months.

Healing from the surgery is slow and the nerves in my chest are very tender.


Hope you are doing well.




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Widder, wow! Get well soon, I didn't know. Glad you're doing well. I shot for the first time on sat after being off 5 months with my broken heel. Take care!

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