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Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984

April 21, 1940, first American serviceman killed in WW II

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First American soldier killed in WW2.

While serving as a military attaché prior to America's entry into the war, Losey was killed on April 21, 1940 during a German bombardment in Norway.

He had been attempting to complete the evacuation of the American diplomatic legation from Norway to Sweden in the wake of the German invasion.

monument is in Dombàs, Norway.




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I heard this just the other day when watching the “WW2 in Color” series.  

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Good information, thanks for posting this. 


We must surely not forget another incident, where three American sailors were killed on December 12, 1937. 

Japan was attacking Nanking, by air, and attacked a clearly marked United States gunboat, the U.S.S. Panay, and sank it, killing three sailors, wounding more. 

Seems like Japan attacked us again, 4 years later, also without warning, when we were not "officially" at war with them. 

Since both incidents involved the Japanese, and both incidents happened with no declaration of war, these sailors were the first U.S. servicemen to die in the Japanese conflict.  Since war was not declared until December 7, 1941, I guess you can't count these sailors as "World War II casualties", but It is difficult not to include them in Japan's unprovoked actions against the United States Navy.  Perhaps we could call it "the opening shot" to World War II in the Pacific Theater.  

Anyway, we need to note things like this, and remember it. 

Regardless of your personal beliefs, Americans have died for the privilege of being able to sit here and talk about it. 

Servicemen's, and women's lives matter. 




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