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Marlin 336 Tang Sight Change

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I have a Marlin 336 in .38-.55 caliber that I had a Lyman #2 Tang Sight installed on several years ago.  The rear of the sights base is secured by the rifles stock screw and the front is secured by a 10-32 screw that a hole was drilled and tapped for.  Without removing the sight, the holes appear to be approximately 7/8" apart.  I am considering upgrading to a Marbles Tang sight for the windage adjustment feature.  Does anyone know if Marbles offers their sight with a base that can be used with my existing mounting screw holes and if so, what number base I will need.  I believe that they offer their bases and uprights as separate components.  I would like to avoid any unsightly exposed screw holes, if possible.  I would really appreciate any information or input that anyone can provide.  

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I have a marbles Windage adjustable sight that came with a 336CB 38-55 I recently purchased. For my game (Cody-Dixon) I prefer a full buckhorn. Just works better for me. 
the holes do appear to be more than 7/8” apart. If you are interested I’d sell it for $100 shipped. If it fits and works, send me a check. If not, return the sight to me. 




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