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  1. Rainmaker, I have a container of Clean Shot that I would like to load shotgun shells with using your recipe. I checked the MEC bushing chart and did not find Clean Shot listed. Could you furnish me the number of the MEC bushing that will drop 13.0 grains of Clean Shot?
  2. I have 18 pounds of .45 ACP brass (approximately 1400 pieces) I would like to sell. The cases have mixed head stamps and all appear to have large primer pockets. The brass was cleaned in a dry tumbler after which it was resized and decapped. Every case has been fed through a Lee Bulge Buster Die to help assure smooth feeding. I would like to get $150.00 plus cost of shipping for the brass.
  3. Happy to see so many liked the tree. It may become a December tradition.
  4. They were some old nylon thread wrapped foam Christmas tree ornaments that Ms. Jewel had no further use for and thought they would look cool on the target. They had wire loops on them that were fastened loosely around the exposed tips of the target hooks. After the first shooter, Burt Blade, hit all the targets with his thunderous .45 rifle loads, they were all on the ground. They did look good for a little while all in the spirit of having a little fun. Thanks to everyone that liked our target arrangement. The tree was Ms. Jewel's idea.
  5. Shot it twice, one shot per target each time but in a different sequence each time. Just a little Christmas fun.
  6. This was the Cross Creek Cowboys Christmas Tree that we shot at our match today, Dec. 19, 2020, at Wagram North Carolina. We wanted to do something a little different.
  7. https://www.southernsupreme.com/ The best fruit cake ever sold. They ship all over the world. They also make and sell many other delicacies. Made in North Carolina. People line up at their place of business during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays to sample and purchase their goodies made on site.
  8. Great Match! Thanks to everyone that had a part in putting it on. Great props, great stages! They kept you really busy but were not confusing in any way. Lots of fun. The food was wonderful: bbq, baked beans, mac & cheese, cole slaw, banana pudding and tea. Just not enough banana pudding for Running Bear. Put it on your bucket list for next year. We plan to be there. Sandhills Slim & Ms. Jewel
  9. Renegade Roper, sent you a p.m. Sorry, message didn't appear to send. Said you couldn't receive messages.
  10. There is a pair on Gunbroker.com. Buy now price $1495.00 with eagle gunfighter grips. Search for item 878200237. They are hard to find. 

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