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Barbwire Bill, SASS #661

Reproduction Spencer gunsmith

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Nope, nobody specializes in them. I've only seen two people ever shoot one at a match, and I'm one of them. The hammer spring and trigger spring are opposite legs of the same V spring, so ya gotta be real careful about lightening that 15-20 lb trigger pull. Break the sharp edge at the top forward edge of the breech block so it doesn't dig into the next bullet so bad. Just the middle part is what's really important, as the rest of it isn't going to make contact with the bullet - don't radius it, just break the sharp edge. If the whole lever/breech block assembly ever drops clear out the bottom of the action when levering, insert a thin washer as indicated. (Washer is green in middle picture, yellow arrow in last picture shows location. Red arrow points to where the block can slide past the trigger plate

 tang and fall out.) The screws holding the firing pin slide in place will probably work loose and jam up the breech block, so maybe put a dab of Loctite on them - not too much, or you'll glue it solid to the breech block.




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Go to CAS City and check out the forum for the Spencer Shooting Society



You may find help there from some very knowledgeable people.


For transparency - I founded SSS. ;)

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