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Polish capper and right hand holsters

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I bought the holster oft EBay .


Right hand Black holster is for an 8” 1860 or 1858 cap and ball revolver. $35 delivered CONUS


The two right hand brown holsters are a fit for a 4 3/4” revolver see eBay photo included.

$20 delivered CONUS


The polish capper works good on percussion revolvers.  Not so much for single shot percussion rifles and pistolas which is all I be shooting.  Ya don’t have to wait on the shipment from Poland.  $30 CONUS


THANKS for your kind consideration.


Shameless Womanizer





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Sorta' figured that, but didn't know for sure.  Just lookin' for a bargain anyway.

Many thanks and ride easy.




PS~ like your tag line.  Another favorite...………………...this morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas, how he got in there I'll never know!

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Received the capper, and it works awesome on my 58 Remingtons!


Im so excited about getting to use it at tomorrows match. 


Thank you so much!


Keep your powder dry, 

        The Bearded Wonder 

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