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2019 Iron Cowboy at Rock Castle

Blackwater 53393

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I only got to shoot the main match because of my dialysis schedule but I had a total blast! I shoot all the time with Fire and Fall Back, Cleve, and Let’s Go at two monthly match ranges in western Ky, but my mouth fell open when I first saw 3x4 in shotgun targets spread out all over the place in a match!!! I shoot them with pistols practicing with Let's Go, but never in a match! Fire and Fall Back puts together very creative monthly matches, covering all shooting styles so everyone gets a taste of stand and deliver to moving through obstacles, to include Buff Gun options.


Rock Castle is a great shooting center, easy to get to, operated by great people. They can handle a good crowd on site, how ever you choose to sleep and it's a convenient drive and the match is set up if you just want a one day weekend shoot for those who are local.


All in all a great place to challenge your shooting skill beyond the 'programed' stages most are used to. Where Humble Pie is served daily at no additional charge!

Where else can you experience a gun fight from where you were sleeping in bed with your guns hanging on the bed post?!


Let's Go; "I don't wear a hat to bed!"


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On 4/15/2019 at 1:59 PM, Deacon Henry, SASS #53503L said:

Very creative stages!! It was a great time and I made some new friends. Thank you!! 

Decon, we did have lots of fun. Very unique stages kinda old school with a Special Forced Twist!!!! Thanks for the help

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