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  1. Spitflier - on a side note, I am new to CAS also and after putting over 2,000 rounds threw my new guns, my opinion is that your guns must operate properly for you and your capabilities. You don't need a Corvette to drive to church... Tuning a gun shaves thousands of a second off your time. Missing the target costs you 5 sec. Transition between guns on a stage saves 'seconds' off your time. You must make 1,000 modifications to your guns to save 1 sec off your time. See where I'm going with this? Concentrate on the important things. Try out as many guns as you can to see what you 'ne
  2. I bought one last year. It did need work. I spent about 4 hours on the original parts and it is as slick as any worked gun I have tried. Only added part was a stainless mag spring because the original springs rust out in no time here in the Southeast. And some leather work on the comb and lever. As someone said, it's about 70% ready. More like 90% if you have some tools and do some reading on line on tuning springs. I would like to change the lever safety spring from leaf to coil spring. Can't get the leaf spring light enough w/o making it too weak and break.
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