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  1. You mean we have a choice in the primers we use these days?! If you got em, shoot em...
  2. For the last year and a half, I have been hot gluing CCI 157 primers into 209 Rem STX hulls. Over 40 years old sitting in the barn. Not a single misfire! Shooters do wonder where these primers came from on a stage they are picking up my shells when they sometimes come out when they hit the floor. Unlike 2k CCI pistol primers I more recently purchased, where I had 1-4 misfires per monthly match. I purchased the last 2k on the shelf when the rush on gun purchases began. In spite of a P for not shooting the target misfired, I ran all matches as if they all went off. Better than playing the "I wonder if this will go off every time I pulled the trigger game" in my head. I also shot up 7k of of CCI Green/white box primers, with no misfires. Also sitting out in the barn from 1975. Anyone have these worthless primers, I'll even buy them off you! Don't do this...
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