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Arming Teachers is on the Table Again

Loophole LaRue, SASS #51438

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The Commission reviewing the horrific shooting at the Stoneman Douglas School in FL issued its report; among many recommendations is one favoring the voluntary arming of teachers.




The head of the Commission matter-of-factly stated:

“So what are we saying to people — we’re not going to allow you to defend yourself, we’re not going to allow you to defend the kids — why? Because of some ideology that we don’t like guns? Anyone who thinks they’re going to get rid of guns is crazy,” he said. “It isn’t going to happen. We’ve got to do something differently and people should be able to protect themselves.”


And of course a member of the School Board responded:

Broward School Board member Robin Bartleman said she doubts the board will support allowing teachers to carry guns but thought the board should revisit the issue.

“I am very concerned about arming teachers,” Bartleman said. “I think it’s a discussion we need to have with the community. I have not found many people in favor of this. The overwhelming response I get is people don’t want teachers with guns."  (I'm sorry; did I miss the news report of the armed teacher who went berserk and shot kids in a school - ever?)


It's all so predictable.


I'm sorry; but if some malignant lunatic is headed for my kids' school, I want every teacher trained and armed.  And stronger entry security.  Don't let them in.  Period.  In almost every government building in my city, there is armed security, metal detectors and other impediments to limit access.  If you don't have legitimate business in the building, you don't get in.  If you don't go through the metal detector, you don't get in. Don't we value the lives of children as highly as the lives of paper-pushing government bureaucrats?


And we don't do this at schools why?  Because some suburbanite School Committee member is worried that her child will be "traumatized" by seeing armed guards?  My God, don't ever take her to a bank or an NFL game!  For the sake of an abstract political argument about guns in society we are willing to gather our kids together in enclosed shooting galleries, and leave the doors open and unguarded so as not to do anything to interfere with what has become the likelihood of an assault by a deranged criminal? 


I know; let's pass laws that make school committee members personally liable for failing to implement proper security at schools; let the people who wring their hands about the social effect of hardening schools understand that they will carry the actual responsibility for failing to protect kids due to their delicate sensibilities.  Enough about restricting guns and reporting crazy people; the fact is that we can NEVER fully predict the behavior of evil actors.  All we can do is end the easy access to our kids, and put people and training in place that will preemptively and definitively end a threat.    Now, before it happens again.



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Well let's leave teachers out of the equation for now.


How about school clerical staff??





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All are great ideas that would mitigate any attempt to harm children in a "soft target" environment.

I suppose that's why many in the left wing would not want it: It would lower the number of grave dances they could hold.

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