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Uniquetek.com aftermarket funnel for Dillon

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In a thread on the Wire the Uniquetek replacement powder funnel was brought up.


Uniquetek's 'big' difference is has a .001-.002 larger 'ring' that expands the case, right below the part that flares the brass.  Supposed to allow lead bullets to stay vertical through the reloading process.  Mine many times would tip over jamming the machine until I lowered the ram just enough to reposition the bullet--pain in the butt and slowed the process down.


At $40 + shipping this was going to have to be a really good improvement based on cost.


It came in and man, is it worth it (at this point I must point out the only association I have with the company is customer and I paid for the powder measure with my own $$)


It dropped in with no adjustments, though I had to mess with it just to see the range it offered (if it's not broke, mess with it).  



a bit pricey

only comes in three sizes:  .45, .40/10mm, 9mm/.38

have to wait on snail mail to get it



gives a stable spot to place bullet which keeps from shaving bullet or jamming the works

direct drop in part

speeds up reloading process

supposed to help with automatic bullet feeder (I have no idea about this claim as my bullet feeder is my left thumb and index finger)





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