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Need info on Florida long gun purchase

Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L

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A friend of mine on vacation in Florida and said he was at a gun emporium or gun show....said there were some "iffy" characters he observed that walked up to a gun dealer, looked at an AK type rifle, handed the dealer cash, and walked away with the rifle. I told him he is mistaken as that would be illegal. From what I understand the dealer at such venues must have an FFL and a background check must be done unless the buyer has a CCW/CPL. Is there something I'm missing here?


....thanks for any help understanding this.


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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In many states, an individual may purchase a table at gun shows to offer guns from their personal collections for sale as face to face transactions without an FFL or C&R.  It is not against any federal statute, so it is only subject to state and local law and the rules set down by the promoter.

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