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ISO 16ga "once fired" hulls

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I've inherited a couple of 16ga shotguns that belonged to my Dad.

One is a Model 97 Winchester Pump, Solid Frame, from 1903 that had belonged to his Dad, my Grandfather

The other is a Model 24, Side-by-Side, my Dad had purchased in 1933, after saving for 3 years.

Both are in pristine condition, (if you knew my Dad you wouldn't expect less) and I'd like to get some use out of them.

Looking for some once fired 16ga hulls, so I can use his reloading data to make some reloads and take my grandkids out for some history, some reminiscing and some fun.

If you have any, drop me a line.


Thanks for looking and God Bless America 

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The mighty sweet 16 gauge is my personal favorite.  I don't have the link here at work, but if you google 16 gauge hulls, I know there is a reloading company page that has them.  Hope you have tons of fun with your kids.

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I have several thousand plus wads plus a Mec Jr. loader that I would let go in a package deal.

I'm getting ready to leave for a two week trip and when I get back will inventory what I have

if you are interested.


Cumberland Mtn John

SASS 40593

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