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  1. My boy broke the transfer bar on my Pietta .357. Where is a good place to buy a replacement part? it's an 1873 style Thanks in advance Ranger
  2. fit up to 4" belt


    wore on my 2 1/2"gun belt

  3. I'm interested. How wide is the belt loop in the back? Will it fit on a gun belt?
  4. Looney Tunes are always great. I attended a shoot where we used lines from Foghorn Leghorn.
  5. I'm sorry if this is a FAQ but I'm having writers block and could use some ideas. What was the most humorous or favorite line you have said before starting a scenario?
  6. When I was a youngster back in the early 70's like all kids we played with toy guns. I remember that among my friends, if you had an M16 style gun you were really cool and everyone wanted one, after all it was during the Vietnam war era. But not me. I had this plastic model 92 and I loved it. I cannot tell you now why it was my favorite but it was the only toy gun I would use. It just felt right. I would give anything to have it today. In later years I would dress up like a cowboy every year for Halloween parties. When I finally joined SASS I already had the clothes.
  7. 28 inches I haven't started cleaning it yet. Thank you everyone for the wealth of information.
  8. Had it happen to me at a sate match. Two spotters call miss and the third walked over and showed them where I nicked the target. I got a miss.. Was told I could protest but I'm never going to win anything.
  9. I was cleaning up some guns for my wife's family recently. Of course my eye's are immediately drawn to the cowboy guns first. This 1897 caught my attention then wait, this is different, it's not, it's an 1893. Hmmmm. I'm ashamed to say that I've never even heard of that model. It's in fair shape, like most gun's from that era. It has a little rust but that will clean up. I was curious, is it SASS legal and is it very collectable?
  10. Hey partner.  We put your old rifle to good use over the weekend.  Check out my post "15 Years Later" on the Wire.

  11. I have a Carhartt camo union suit that I received as a Christmas present and I will never wear it. It's brand new and the package has never been opened. SizeXL Tall Price these on line and you will see that they are not cheap. $30 tyd http://www.contractorsclothing.com/Carhartt_Mdwt_Cotton_Union_Suit_p/k226.htm I cannot use photobucket at work. If you want a pic of the product PM me and I will give you a number you can text me.
  12. Got a smart phone? There are shot timer apps. I have one, it works well and it's free.
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