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Use Caution When Reloading

Charlie T Waite

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I use a XL650 to load more than a couple hundred rounds per session.  I find that the breakeven point on session time between reloading on a Lee breech-lock press & the Dillon.  For the XL650 I have separate tool heads for each caliber, small primer system & large primer system to minimize caliber change time.* Also my charge bars have micrometer metering adjustment.  While I have calibration charts for each powder I use, I always throw 5 powder charges, weigh & calculate the average charge.  I do this until I get 2 consecutive averages within 0.1 grain.  I also check my digital scale's calibration & compare measured weight with a balance beam scale.  While I don't check the loads until the bin is full, it is obvious when a reload has 2 bullets; because, their will be 1 wo/bullet & loose powder in the bin.  On the XL650 the only way 2 bullets can be installed inadvertently is if bullet lube accumulation in the bullet seating die causes a bullet to stick in the die and when the next primed & charged case is in the seating station the stuck bullet pushes the bullet set on the case mouth all of the way into the case & the stuck bullet dislodges & stays in the case.  Based on the recommendations of the shooters at the club that I started CASS I use TB for large volume cartridges.  Other than cost TB is messy on a auto advancing progressive press due to its' low density.

* I have 2 sets of dies for calibers I load on the XL650.  1 set installed in a tool head & one set installed in breech-lock bushings.  This is so I can fix the screwed-up reloads from the XL650 or to do low volume runs.

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Big reason why I quit loading smokeless powder in .45 Colt cartridges...proper charges are way too tiny in those big cases.  Load BP  like they were designed for

and there is no way you can double charge one, or load two bullets in same case...



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