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WTS Winchester 1917 Enfield SPF

Trigger Mike

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I want to sell my 1918 Enfield made by Winchester.  The barrel is also Winchester dated 1-18 with ordnance bomb marking.  The bolt is remington, the rear sight, bolt release are Eddystone.  the barrel is excellent .  The stock is marked A O L and part of the ogden in the rectangle box is visible.  I will include an original Mills cartridge belt with 1911 pouch attached.  I will also include a nickel oiler .  I want to ship it before Hurricane Irma gets here Monday. so please let me know before friday afternoon.   I want $615 shipped.  she is a good shooter but excess to my needs.  for an additional $165 I can include an original doughboy helmet but with a replaced chin strap.  For an additional $2000 I can throw in a Colt made in 1918 with little finish remaining.  






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Hope you did well with Irma.


I might be interested in the Enfield.


Can you send me more photos which help show the condition.

Would you consider selling this through GunBroker.com.

As a buyer, I would feel more at ease.


I have a FFl 03 License (Curio & Relics) Which means you can ship directly to me.


Please let me know.


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i did survive irma but was busy cleaning up today.  a large oak tree fell across my driveway.  i cleaned out my inbox so please try again or email me at auburn4814@yahoo.com.  I have an account at gun broker but never sold on it but i have 100% rating there as well as ebay.  I have sold on this forum and do not know of a complaint nor on the CMP forum.  let me know which sections of the rifle you want to see and i'll send you the pictures.  

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