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Innocent Bystander SASS #24171

Picked up a Savage 1899

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I owned a 99 in 308 for about 4 hours, 35 or so years ago. It was the box magazine model and I bought it new with a box of cartridges from a local sporting goods store.

I took it out to shoot it in. 1st round went close to where I was looking but the gun kicked extremely hard. 2nd round went off that way and the recoil was even worse. The third round is a truly unknown because the gun locked up the point that the lever would not function. I took it back to the store and we messed with it for a while to no avail. Box from gun, marking on the barrel both said Winchester .308 caliber. Ammo box read the same as did the head stamps on the fired cases. They took it back as a trade in on a BLR in 308 in which the ammo from the first episode fired quite nicely.

The gun went back to Savage and although we tried to get information, Savage refused to reply.

Really wanted that gun and have been disappointed for many years about it.

Always wondered if maybe it had had a 250/270/7mm barrel with a 308 chamber?

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My grand father always called his 99 Savage in .250-3000 with Lyman 57 rear sight his "meat in the pot gun"..... I inherited it years ago and used it last weekend on a large body 3 point mule deer that lived in on a section of alphalfa field.....One shot with a 75 grain Accubond did the job.


What a nostalgic journey for me....My dad's old Shrade LB-7 folding hunting knife did the field dressing.....


Although both have been deceased for many years, they were both with me on last weekends hunt. How do you improve on THAT?





You don't.

Maybe take the kids with ??

Great to have those things in the family.

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In case anyone's interested ,I have a sweet Model 99F in .308 Win.that I would like to liquidate to feed my growing SASS obsession !

 Email me at mxburke@gmail.com for pic's and info.

 Thanks for the memories posted above !!


   Thx.  X  Mark

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