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*Please Delete* Remington/Elliott's Over/Under .41 Rimfire Derringer


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Excellent condition and no cracked hinges!

Good bores with lots of shine and no pits/rust.

I believe this one is from the early 1920's, but I have not done much research on it.
Mechanically in great shape. I have not shot this one.


Sell or trade - $850 plus shipping to your C&R or FFL


Please email or call me with your trade offer.


Post your "I'll take it" and follow up with an email.


I am in Prescott Valley, AZ and prefer a FTF sale, but will ship.




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Just a thot for those that might be contemplating the purchase of this pistol, If 1920's vintage it should be safe for smokeless ammo but, of course, have a gunsmith check it first. I've read various sources that ammo is diificult , at best, to find and very expensive when it can be found.


Be aware that Dixie Gun Works sells a brass cartridge insert that enables one to fire a 41 rimfire using 22 rimfire blanks, black powder, and a 41 caliber round ball. Little slow to work but they are fun. I use similar brass cartridge inserts for a 32 rimfire pistol and, yes, it's fun!


Just my 2 cents.


Fort Reno Kid

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Yes, ammo is available and yes you can shoot this with the proper ammuntion. There was a run of reproduction made up many years ago, and can still be found with a bit of searching/patience. This little derringer is a period piece that will be a very nice addition to your collection!!


I am interested to know what you have in trade....especially if you are in AZ and in the Prescott area!

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Sorry, not looking for other antiques......may be interested in S&W Hand Ejectors, 1899-1960 production.

Prefer cash though.....

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Bump for fresh eyes.......please email me at tomgraham01@msn.com if you would like me to send you several good photos.

Thanks for looking!

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