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WTS 1866 45LC pictures added

Trigger Mike

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Stoeger Uberti 1866 45LC 19 1/4 inch barrel , partially had the finish rubbed off to show light use, still retains 85% or so. some storage marks in the stock. accurate. i can email pictures until i get them added here. $900 shipped




pictures will show cuts in stock as well as close up to show barrel where finish was partially rubbed off.













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Bumping to wait for you to post photos. Few questions..... what did you use to "rub" off the finish? How old is the gun and round count if possible.... or is it worn from use or fairly new.

Cuts on the stock? You mention storage marks which I don't understand. You mean cart and usage dings?

Definitely needs photos. Here or you can PM them.



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i bought it like that, i never alter guns once i get them except to restore them. is there another way than photo bucket?


I use Photobucket and have no problem with it other than at times it gets slow. But there are other free hosting sites.

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