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  1. My brother came over with his Schofield. When the hammer is down you can turn the cylinder by hand with a little force in one direction. Not both. When cocked the cylinder won’t move.... it’s only when hammer down. I’m very familiar with other single actions, double actions and semi autos but have never worked on a Schofield before. It sounds to me like a bolt or bolt spring problem. I took both out to check. The spring seems ok. I checked the bolt to see if it was bent or worn. I think the problem is more the bolt then the spring... but just to check I gave the spring a slight
  2. For the case or box of 50? Dunno.... my local Walmart just had some boxes of 100 for $10 bucks per that I bought a few and left some for others. So no more than that for me. but I’m sure that’s not the price you’re looking for.
  3. Since you're asking I'll be totally honest. I'll just say first that when I first saw your post, the first thought that came to mind is no one does something like that without wanting something in return. Maybe by accepting a "donation" or getting additional pay for work down the road...... I do leather work as well, so I know what it could take. You would still need to purchase items to fix things. You would do all that for free? Sure folks do things for friends for family but to put out for the hundreds of people to potentially start sending you things is a bit hard to take in.
  4. Rooster, you will love them! To me they feel great and point naturally. Mine are .45 Colt. I did smooth them up a bit and I stripped the finish that Uberti put on from the grips and put some hand rubbed oil on. I like it.
  5. Diamond Lilly visited Parson today. At the hospital with Parson and his big brother George. He looks like a punk rocker with half his head shaved so he may need a new alias. Doctors are pleased with how he is doing so far, have started doing a little pt and will increase that slowly. They were able to get more of the tumor than anticipated, and will be doing chemo down the road. He is on some heavy meds right now but speech and muscle control are really good. All in all a very good result so far.
  6. I just had the overwhelming urge to pee when I woke up.... that's happening a lot the older I get.
  7. Quick update from Diamond Lilly: Parson was moved to a private room, is talking some and Ghost Raider said the docs are happy with his response to surgery.
  8. Unfortunately its getting to be the norm for online merchants to do that. Either their web page cant keep up and show something is out or they outright keep it showing as in stock just to keep your business and hope you keep it on back order. That has happened to me twice with Wild West Mercantile. Two separate times I've placed online orders and as soon as I press the buy button, I get an email saying its back ordered but thanks for your order.... really? Immediately I get an email saying its back ordered but the web page says its in stock? The worse was a pair of boots.... I emaile
  9. Hey Dark Horse! There isn't a way to add photos to the wire directly. You need to post them through an online photo sharing website. I use Photobucket but there are many others. Some people don't like Photobucket and for sure they are getting a bit harder to get along with due to more and more stuff they are putting on their web page.
  10. Rugers are built like a tank... but I sold my set because I found I shot my Ubertis more. I have a set of open tops and a set made by Evil Roy. I really like shooting both sets. I also prefer the look of longer barrels! Here are mine... with the holsters I made for each set. I shoot cross draw.
  11. Thanks Jess..... just praying for a complete and full recovery!
  12. Hey there Fireball! I'm sure it was an oversight but the last I checked, brass and dies didn't need to be shipped to an FFL holder.
  13. As an update, Parson was wheeled into surgery earlier this morning according to his brother. I'll update as I hear more. Thanks to all that sent prayers.... he needs them which is ironic as he the one that always has a prayer or a good word for everyone else first. He always leads off every match big or small with a prayer. Last time I saw him was at our annual match in November. Parson led Cowboy Church on Sunday morning.
  14. Acording to this article, it keeps 60 seconds of audio then rewrites over it or until a command is spoken. They are pretty cool.... I have two of them. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/just-how-dangerous-alexa-shelly-palmer?trk=eml-email_feed_ecosystem_digest_01-hero-0-null&midToken=AQHcmtxIpuYbLg&fromEmail=fromEmail&ut=3-sgMfjEeVfnA1
  15. My wife wanted the same thing in out house a couple years ago. I did it the easy way. I hired painters that did it..... They came in one day, I left for work and when I came back it was all gone! But I will say that it was a mess.... but they took care of that too.
  16. Below is the text of an email we received from Diamond Lilly of the Peacemakers. Please keep him in your prayers during this time. Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2016 2:08 PM Subject: Need Prayers for a Peacemaker I received a very sad call from Ghost Raider today regarding his brother, Parson Delacroix (David Wilson). Parson has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor and was admitted to UMMC in Jackson a few days ago. Parson is in ICU as of now, but may be moved to a room before his scheduled surgery on Tuesday of next week. We dont have many details right now, but Ghost
  17. Pat, I'm sure there are many others but I liked MannyCA's videos on slicking up a S&W revolver. He goes into great detail. As far as tools, just a good set of screwdrivers that you may already have. Revolvers are easy. He has it broken up into two parts. In these videos hes working on an older model 686 but the same can be used for just about any Smith. Part 1 https://youtu.be/soM7MaK3T1A Part 2 https://youtu.be/qkVIeiSWSiM
  18. I put a Wilson spring kit in my 686 which was the rebound spring and main spring. It came with three different rebound and I used the lightest first which I really like. But I found I started getting light primer strikes with the main spring while shooting double action. Single was fine. I put a longer firing pin in but still had light strikes. (I'm using Winchester primers BTW) I finally found a fix by taking a spent large pistol primer and digging out the anvil which just left the cup and putting that between the main spring and the strain screw to give it a bit more tension. Its s
  19. That is another very beautiful piece of work you've done Yul!! Unbelievable! I love the touches you've done with the wheels too. I have the same wheels on my cart and would love to do something like that with the wood.
  20. Pat, The grips are just as you described. They aren't belled and feel very good even with full house loads. I typical shoot my reloaded .38s in target shooting though. I find these grips very comfortable and easily handled even in a single handed hold. No problems with the smooth finger grooves at all.
  21. I have a 686-6 that I love! Actually shot it yesterday at the range. Very accurate. I removed the rubber grips it came with and replaced them with a set from Altamont.
  22. I have my Dads tags who was a Navy WWII vet. He was a Navy Aviation ordinanceman and was on a small airstrip on Russell Island in the Solomons. He was there from Jan. 10th 1943 till half way through '44 or so. I can post a photo of them later tonight if needed. And for Pat Riot... my Dad was also a Shellback having crossed on the way to the Solomons. His signed certificate says something to the effect of crossing during a mission of war. Love the mermaids... I don't see HR fighting you on that!
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