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wtb S & W 686

Trigger Mike

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I'd like a 6 shot S & W 686. but before i buy would like to find out if there is a size or weight difference between the 6 and 7 shot model. i want a 4 inch barrel. one of the first guns i carried as an officer was a 686, but my hips would not hold it up being how I'm built but i still miss the pistol. feeling a little nostalgic i guess.

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Trigger MIke,


I have one but had not really thought of selling it. Funny enough it has a similar history to your old one in that it was the personally owned duty gun of the guy who was in charge of the campus police force at the first college I worked for. He sold it to me when he decided his force would go to 9s and he needed the money to buy his.


Like I said, I hadn't really thought of selling but what kind of money were you thinking?



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