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SPF--Marlin 1894 CBC 38 special .....20" Octogon

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This is a 38 special ONLY..., JM stamped rifle.......20 inch octagon, case colored receiver....... lever wrap to be added.......full race action is fast and smooth. .....Take it to your next match with confidence....used 1.41 to 1.42 OAL 38 special 122 or 130 grain lead TCFP


Normal cart dings.............pm me your email for more pics...


$1250 shipped to your FFL first "I'll take it" gets it...........


http://s1265.photobucket.com/user/prlucky299/media/Rt%20Side_zps4a5covxk.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 (this is Rt view)



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Don't know who did action work. I installed a new lightened lever action spring kit from Johnny Meadows some time ago, and no it's not short stroked.......


Hope that answers your questions.......


FYI I tried to find out who did it but no luck. There are no markings on the bolt, etc. . I have had a couple of Carty rifles and this is just as fast and smooth, but the lever throw is longer..........

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Rootin, I have had three of these over the years, and the last two would chamber and run with .357s. I found this out when I loaded them by accident, and to my surprise, they worked. I contacted Marlin and asked about this, and their reply was that they had run out of .38 only barrels and just used the ones from the regular 20" Cowboy guns as they were phasing the CBC out anyway. Doesn't hurt them in any way, just a bit of providence on SOME of them. For info only, as well as a free BTT>


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