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1860 Uberti Henry 44-40

Come On Christmas

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Like new Uberti Cabelas 1860 Henry Military Rifle with swivel mounts. The previous owner may have run a box of shells through it found that it shot high. Filed on the front sight to make it shoot lower. NOT. The front sight has been made from some kind of carbon steel washer from the hardware store. I was shooting black powder rounds using the tailgate of a pickup truck offhand seated to create the target I have pictured at 50 yards. At 100 yards it should be spot on. I was shooting making the top of the sight to the top of the V for consistency, when the sight was flat on top. We rounded it in the shop afterwards. The flyer to the right is due of the lack of the skill of the shooter.


I only shot this rifle in one match. Too heavy for me as I am prone to tennis elbow.


The idiot that had it before used pliers to tighten the grasp of the ladder sight so it would have better purchase I assume. You can still adjust it up to 400 yards.


I will sell this honey for $1100 CONUS. I wish to be paid with a USPS money order. Shipping costs will be actual from the post office insured using the mode of your choice from the GPO.


Final Proviso - Make sure your FFL is okay with receiving a rifle from an individual.


The Target




The Sight - See the washer the new sight is made from and the old removed sight.




Rest O Rifle




Note free No Henry hop stick made from tapered wood dowel and a bid of brass rod. I have two of them to include.








Ladder Sight (lays down to standard V which is all you will more than likely use.)






Thanks for looking,












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Back to the top for this wonderful rifle.


Don't need it cuz I gots 3 of them already -- 2 in 44-40.


You black powder shooters need this Rifle!


& Shameless, or Crayfish as he's known now, is a good pard to deal with.



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