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Rancho Roy

PIG HUNT at San Antonio Convention

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In another thread I had suggested that maybe organizing a Wild Pig Hunt might be a good side activity while attending the convention in San Antonio


I called a number of outfitters and most were concerned about running a hunt for more than a dozen folks. And it seems there is not much Wild Pig hunting in the San Antonio area and / or during that time of year. Most areas where there is reasonable success are two or three hours away. Almost all hunting is done at night with specialized equipment, not open sighted lever action firearms where it might be impossible to see the sights.


Therefore, I'm not comfortable in organizing a Pig Hunt in the San Antonio area at this time. I'd hate folks to put up hard earned money on a hunt that I've not previously taken part in so I could be sure it was a worthwhile endeavor. I've arranged a number of hunts over the years but in every instance I had reasonable confidence in its success. I do not have this confidence in this case.


Sorry if expectations were not met.

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