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Has Chaparral's QC gotten mo betta?

Come On Christmas

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We can't give a definitive answer to your question. At this time, there is no US importer of Chaparral arms or parts. As far as I know, any Chaparral guns currently available are the leftovers that nobody will buy. Eventually, they will pay us to take them.

Oh, the other question. YES. Chaparral QC was that bad. For those of us who work(d) on guns, the replacement parts were worse than the parts we needed to replace. We had to resort to rebuilding existing parts, when we could. That gets real expensive, real fast.

I know of one particular '76 that was bought for 800 bucks and consumed an additional 1400 just to be safe to shoot. That was typical.

Incidentally, the Chaparral '66 has a steel receiver that is brass plated.

They had sooooo much promise.



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