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Coming at cha Conventioneer?

Come On Christmas

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Hey, can I shoot thru on Sunday? Never been to range.


I make appearance under my arias, Chu China, Chinese raborer. Hey, it Harroween!


I bring harmonica pray Star Spangreled Banner in opening ceremonies, yes I hit extra grace note at the "at the home of the freee." I actuary quite good, if could only rearn to choot speedy krick.


If you ret me put percussion caps on on crock and shoot Cirica 1870? 14 grage double shootsgun. Finish stage with Cycrops my single barrel 10 gauge.


Bring Nyron String Banjo and pray "I been wrooking on the railroad." "Dinah won't chu brow. Dinah won't chu brow . . .


Say no, it okay not offrend. Lemme know, eye makey cameo.


Chu China

Shameressess wrong rost brother

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