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Shooting at DC Naval Yard.

Subdeacon Joe

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Despite the NCIS tv show, the FBI is the agency with the resources and experience to handle an investigation of this magnitude and wouldnnormallybe called in on a case like this when Federal employees are killed. They are the lead agency. NCIS and MPD will be in suporting roles.

Correct. Crime on a Government Reservation with a civilian suspect and civilian victims is the statutory responsibility of the FBI. Had the shooter been military then NCIS would most likely be the lead agency while the FBI would be there to support but the FBI is really the only federal agency with the resources to handle something of this scope. A crime by active duty military on active duty military no matter where it happened on the other hand would be the exclusive province of NCIS or military police. Jurisdiction on the real estate of military bases can be complicated. Based upon what I have seen on the news it appears there is concurrent jurisdiction between the federal government and the District of Columbia on at least parts of the installation. There would be Memorandums of Understanding between the various agencies on who would do what during daily operations and during emergencies that were worked out long ago. I have been on the Navy Yard numerous times for various functions and never got the sense that security was particularly lax or particularly tight but always felt that an emergency response would be strong. One thing has not changed in the DoD throughout my career and after-while we must be vigilant for attacks from outside the wire the greatest threat we face on base is the insider threat.

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How could he get cleared to buy a shotgun but be turned down for an AR15?


FOX news this morning mentioned he was turned down because he was trying to buy a gun in a state other than his state of residence.

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HIs mother's response - yes, she is a victim too and we sometimes forget that....




GG ~ :FlagAm:

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