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There is gonna be a new Gander Mountain in Lewisville in the same building that Sportsman's Warehouse was! Yep close to the KMART catty corner across interstate 35E from Vista Ridge Mall on 3040 actually Hebron on that side of 35.


I know some stuff they high on somethings though alot of stuff they be spot on!


Lady Jailbait tells me the sign out front sez Firearms Superstore. I have not seen it yet, my own self.


Whew hew! Someone wake Goody up!


Glad Tidings!


Shameless Womanizer

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Gander Mountain is surprising for a big box sporting goods store in that they sell some used firearms. I've found some APP in the muzzleloading section in their Amarillo store. It's worth walking through their store but if you expect a fish tank you need to look elsewhere.

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I know, but when everybody was outa percussion caps. They had em. Oops I need some powder. Oops I need some shotgun wads.


Hey I don't feel like loading 32 longs . . .


That sorta thing.

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