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Sold Ruger Bisley Pair, 3 1/2 barrel SS

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Sold - One of a kind set of SS Ruger Bisleys with West Fargo(Wes Flowers) 4 Click Action Job including the following;


4 Click Action Job (Similar to a Colt action with transfer bar removed) $195.00

Point of Aim (Includes opening rear sight and serration of back of front sight) $35.00

Cut forcing cone to 11 degrees $15.00

Hone Cylinder $30.00

Hammer Stop $30.00

Trigger Bolt & Spacer $10.00

Extra for Bisley $25.00 Total Action Job per gun $330.00 plus freight


Also includes stag grips by, now retired William Jennings, of Buffalo, Wy. $250.00 per set


I believe if you would try to duplicated these guns today your cost would be close to $1200.00 per gun. My price on this pair of guns is $1600.00 plus $50.00 freight & insurance to your FFL. Sold as a pair only, sorry no trades as I need to pay for my new Colt SAA. See pictures below.


Thanks for looking,

Marlin(Who is going to miss these guns)Buckhorn



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No sir you didn't! :lol: They are 38/357! Thanks for asking, can't edit the original post without taking all the pictures down and then putting back up. So I will just leave the answer here.


Caliber on the Bisleys is 38/357

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If you would....go to full edit and mark the title SPF....thanks KK I thought they were still for sale until I went through all of the posts. Nice pistols.

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They are still showing because members don't have the ability to completely delete ads. I have posted twice that the guns are sold. If you need guns please look at other ads that the guns are not sold. Now if you are really interested you can make yourself a set out of Montados. Just switch out the grip frame to Bisley, get some stag grips made and when Wes Flowers is healthy and back to work have him do the action jobs he did for me. Problem solved.



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