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Real Winchester 1876 in .45-60

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Here are some photos and the story of the rifle. This rifle came off the Tohono O'dham Indian Reservation in southern Arizona. The Tohono Reservation is the second largest in the country with over 2.5 million acres and has 70 miles of Mexican border on its southern side. Tribal members live on both sides of the boundary and there is obviously some Spanish influence. The gun originally had several silver inlays in the stock and was the prized possession of its owner. It was stolen, the barrel cut and the silver inlays pried out for their cash value. It was originally in .40-60 caliber. When the owner had it re-barreled no one could get an exact fit for replacement silver inlays so the inserts were filled with some kind of wood filler. It matches fairly close and is hard to see in normal light. The receiver has the majority of its original blue, the action is very tight and if it had not been re-barrelled would be a very expensive rifle. I have 100 new Jamsion .45-60 cases. .45-70 cases can be cut down, but the nominal rim size on a .45-70 is .060" thick and the rim on a real .45-60 is .055" thick. The .45-70s will work, but are a very tight fit as the headspace on this gun is still very tight. The dies are CH, which at the time I bought these were the only true .45-60 dies available. The brass and dies are new. As far as I know, the gun has never been shot since it was re-barrelled. It's been sitting in my safe for fifteen years and I have never fired it so its time to let someone have it that will use it. I have what's left of the original barrel in .40-60. The current barrel is 28". The gun is big, long and heavy! $1,400.00 plus shipping.




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That is a beauty! At that price, she will not last long on the wire. I have one and it is extremely accurate.


Good luck,


Oklahoma Dee

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That is so cool (always seems like Oklahoma Dee and I have the same taste). To me that is one of the major reasons to collect old guns - their history and in most cases it really doesn't matter if the provenance is not water tight. If I didn't just buy a way cool saddle and another engraved SAA this would be mine! A bump for an awesome Winchester.

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