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Mainland China's Best Heavy Artillery! Queries also reviews sought

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DIRECT FROM ZINGFOOYOUNG. THE JW-2000 twice barreled street howitzer! Mine is a 20 gauge, is de 12 gauge even heavier?


Okay, honestly could you make it any F-ing heavier? Flip the breach lever and Sir Issac Newton's Law takes over and the barrels take a nose dive! They have no choice. Thus revealing two large snake eyed caverns yearning for ordinance!


Okay, I'll pull back on the schtick now . . . I know its a cheap import, but has any Smitty out there schlicked one of these puppies up?


This shot gun begs for Black Powder! "Lay on McDuff and be damned the one who cries, Hold Enough!"


Coolness! It has keepers for a Lupara strap! Where dost thou purchase a shoulder strap to hoist this behemoth to ones shoulder? Okay, admitt you own one! Where didja buy yo strap?


I can hardly wait to choot it. Think I will go a skeeting today to try it out!


Tell me how much you like yours despite contributing to the trade imbalance and not buying 'Merican. Less than half the cost of Cimmaron's 1873 what cut up me F-ing hand shooting both barrels from the hip. Cheaper than a Stoeger with a stock that won't crack! Sporting a rubber recoil pad.





Shameless Womanizer's long lost Chinese Half Brother

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That's actually a Norinco, one of the Chinese products your government has problems about importing, unless it has been washed of sin by a third party US company. (Pardon the sarcasm)

I paid $275.00 for one new here in Canada and as you say, it's built like a tank.

I had to take a fine file to the hammers to keep from slicing my thumbs on the burrs around the checkering, but once that was done, it was good to go.

It'll handle anything you can fit into it. I shot 3" SSG from it at a bear around our moose camp one night.

It soaked up the recoil pretty good.

The bear didn't react at all.

He just lay there.


You may have to shoot it a bit to have it loosen up and go over it for sharp edges that may require the judicious use of a fine file or some emery cloth.

Enjoy it!

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Well, it shoots loose pretty easy, the hammers are really wide apart, and the TTN (now Cimarron) is a much better gun, but as I said a couple of days ago on another query about the JW-2000, at least it works. It can certainly use smoothing and deburring, as it is not ready to go out of the box for most folks' taste. Any gunsmith or even careful owners can do most of that work.



Good luck, GJ

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I must have lucked out on the deburring the hammers part of the equation. Whereas Goody cut his hand on the hammers on the TTN I sold him. I lacerated my hand with the knife like breach lever on the Goody's somewhat new to him shotgun. I received the coveted BLACK SQUIRREL for my foolishness from the Short Grass Rangers.


I will shake it up a might as you suggest before turning it in to a Smitty. Honing the chamber I have the skills to do. Unless someone has a pictorial how to on de hammers.

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I saw a basket weave leather sling from Sportsman's Guide which is $9 less expensive than our good friends at Cabelas.

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