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pistol caliber rifle barrel twist question

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all .45 Colt Marlins are 1:38 (the manual online was wrong for years) and they run 300s better'n most can hold. If I had my druthers (recently did), I'b buy a 1:16 Douglas barrel and have it done with, but that was for a single shot bench rest gun.


Thanks AJ....


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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Then you have the Rossi's. They have been 1 in 30 for as long as I'm aware of and always out shot the Marlins and Wins because of it.

Nate sparked an idea ... buy a Rossi replacement barrel, about 160 bucks, - cut it down and install it. Save the cutoff for the next ... Bulge! Sorry Gunner, couldn't hold back :D

PS: With 255gr bullets, can lob them on a 500m Ram. Suckers are very accurate to 200yds

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