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Shenny Sheno Update 2/24


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Howdy folks,


For those of you who know Shenny personally, ya know there ain't no back up in him.

After a pretty bad stroke in December, with the help of the doctors and staff at Sheltering

Arms, it looks like he will go to home rehab the first wk in March. A long ways from the shape

he was in at the start, he is walking with a cane, talking fine. He still has some work on his

left arm, but is progressing really well. All the prayers worked and the cards, letters and support

from the firefighters and cowboy pards sure helped a lot too.


Heck, I even feel better



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Prayers still up from Texas for Shenny.

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That is just great news! :D


Here's hopin' his recovery is speedy and complete - sure sounds like he's on the right road.

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