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Chief Rick

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Can she sew? Yes


Does she have time? No


Her Mother does & so does a friend, but neither live within 500 miles of us.


I don't know (and she doesn't either) about quality corsets and things like that - and not being able to handle or try on is worrisome.

Hi Chief,


I understand. That is why it is best to start simple, talk to others after seeing something she likes.


She might make time to sew a few special items. I was working full time when I started shooting, we shot at least once a week, and I sewed costumes. I sure don't know how I did that... Guess it was all about inspiration and motivation. Since retiring, it takes me forever to finish a sewing project. Also, we do not have children. So, my off time was my own.


I only have one corset and I made it. So, I'm no help on purchases. I do know a good quality one would have metal bones not plastic.




Allie Mo


PS When a properly fitting corset is laced snugly, one should have an approximately 3" gap in back, which can be covered by a "privacy panel" (flap under the laces). I'm sure our darlin' La Bandita could help her with fitting and her corsets have the metal bones.

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I too didn't want to spend a fortune on my first corset let alone Saloon outfit. This company was recommended to me for a good quality, inexpensive {relatively} place to start Meschantes I purchased a "Ready To Wear" underbust. The corset is quite comfortable and good quality. They have a very good measurement chart on their website and a helpful phone staff if you need them. A trip through their gallery might give you some ideas. I then purchased a lacy top from one cheap store and a skirt from another and voila a Saloon Madam is born.

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