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5 days until the Western Regional

Cliff Hanger #3720LR

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From the people who handle the Entries.


"We still have openings. Mail yours in as soon as possible but if you are still deciding, call and talk to Ella Watson. She may accept your Entry over the phone and have you bring the written one to the range with you, if she doesn't think the mail will arrive in time."


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Black Harris,


I would if I could.

I am but the lowly web master. I can only update web pages when I receive messages from the appropriate person for the pages they have authority to change or update. We really do have a chain of command at RRBar.


I can make modifications to the overall look. But sometimes, I have to revert back to an older version when the board doesn't like the changes.


I do know I get the additions for the shooter and conventioneer list the same day entries are picked up at the post office. In fact I usually get the same list from two different people. The secretary and the match entry coordinator.


So keep watching. I will be updating the list right up to the 2nd of November. The day before the match.



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Hey Blackie!


From the name, Miss Badd Kitty sounds like an interesting person to meet.


See ya there!






Badd Kitty used be known as Sweet Nell. I believe you've met her at the SASS Convention.

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Sending in my Match Application this morning. See y'all there.



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Only 5 days until Last Stand at Chimney Rock begins.


If you are thinking about attending and haven't sent in your Entry yet, contact Ella Watson before you do. She may have you bring it with you when you sign in. You need to do this before 4pm Monday and get on her list. After that she will most likely be out at the range and be very hard to reach.


Ella Watson contact information can be found here. LSCR Entry info

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