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Russ T. Sites

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Hand Guns shipped by an individual that is not an FFL holer are not allowed to be shipped via the postal service. Only an FFL holder can ship using postal service priority mail. Therefore a non FFL (you) are limited to using FedEx or UPS. Both of these shippers have requirements that hand guns must ship overnight. This requirement is of their own policy and is in place since their employees have been known to steal firearms shipments. Your other option is to have your FFL holder ship the guns for you, it will cost about half of what overnight by FedEx and UPS charges. Your FFL may or may not charge you a fee.


Long guns may be shipped by an individual non FFL holder (you) to an FFL holder in most states (check the state laws to find out which may be a problem). Long guns can be shipped ground using Post Office, FedEx or UPS. Can't understand why FedEx and UPS hasn't discovered they can make a ton of more $$ by requiring long gun to be shipped overnight for the same theft reason.

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