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PHOTOS FROM Smokin' Guns at Rabbit Ridge

Guest Sugah

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Sugah ,as allways you make it feel like I am there. Thanks for sharing.Pit Bull

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Dang if that first slide show ain't from Doc Holliday's Immortals in Georgia instead of Mississippi.


From the Wire and elsewhere:


Lawman Mark with the guns.


Prestidigitator with his sweetie. Folks that like him calls him Tater which means everybody calls him Tater.


Sable Starr and Parson Delacroix (I think that's how it's spelled)


This is Sidekick reacting to me telling him I'm gonna wear him out shooting.


One day I was checking my bear traps and Sugah had wandered into one. And that's how I ended up with her. :)


No Limit looks a bit different when he's looking at the camera. As you can see, he's a bear hunter too. :D


Six String and his better half three quarters, Sweet Sarah Jane. All I can say is, he aint' right.

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