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Reloading Dies -New Reduced Prices Listed 7/28

Red Cent

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PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED BY $5.00 EACH(new prices are shown below)



Been searching for my 44 Mag dies, can't find 'em. As I was looking it occurred to me that I have wayyyy too many dies, so here is a list for sale:


(Wife likes to take pictures - do we need pictures of dies, what can I say guys!! - Humor her!)



(A) RCBS #21615 3 die Carb TC Set 10 MM Auto C $30 [b]**SPF for $25.00

Current RCBS listing says almost $62.00, these look brand new, I don't think they have ever been used




(B) RCBS #37501 Competition Die Set 270 $70.00 NOW $65.00

Current RCBS listing is $127.95




© RCBS #13801 2-Die set for 7 x 57 $20.00 NOW $15.00


Little less than half price, lists for $41.95






(D) RCBS #16301 2-Die Set for 338 Win Mag $20.00 NOW $15.00


Little less than half price. lists for $41.95





(E) RCBS #11101 2-Die set for 223 (FL) $20.00 NOW $15.00 [b]**SPF

Little less than half price. lists for $41.95





(F) Lee 3-Die Carb set for 9MM $20 NOW $15.00 [b]**SPF[/b]





(G) RCBS #15301 2-Die set 300 Win Mag $20.00 NOW $15.00


Little less than half price. lists for $41.95





(H) Pacific 3-Die Set 308 Win $20.00 NOW $15.00





(I) Lyman 2-Die Set 223 Rem (FL) $15.00 NOW $10.00






(J) Lyman 2-Die Set 270 Win $15.00 NOW $10.00






(K) Lyman 2-Die Set 30-30 Win $15.00 NOW $10.00 [b]**SPF[/b]





(L) RCBS Bullet Puller w/22, 6MM, and 30 bullet puller collets $30.00 **SPF for $25.00

Listed as $23.95 for puller (no collet), $13.95 per collet






All of these sets are in very good to "LNIB" condition. A couple have not been used. If we cannot utilize Cowboy Express, they can be shipped (individually) in a padded envelope for $4.95 or in a box for $5.95 (no insurance - unless you want to pay for insurance).


Please provide your shipping address with your information. Thanks!!

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I'll take the 10 mm dies and the bullet puller.

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I'll take F 9mm & K 30-30.

Send PM for total inc shipping with box and your mailing address.



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