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Lookin' for someone to share a bit of reloadin' wisdom...

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Sassparilla Kid and I are plannin' on hunting in California's D-7 zone this year. Unfortunately, it's in a area that requires the use of them condor-savin', non-lead, solid copper boolits (gee, thanks, Arnold!).


The Kid is wishful of using his Savage Model 20, chambered in .250 Savage. I'm ponderin' either my Model 20 in .300 Savage, or an 8mm Mauser, or heck, mebbe even a .30-30...


Anyway, having no experience with the copper pills we'd surely welcome any observations borne of experience or even (especially!) off-line load data.


Thankee kindly~!

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I recently picked up a Hornady catalog and while reading from cover to cover, they have alot of bullets for reloading that are lead free. They also, of course, offer these bullets in loaded ammo. Check out their website for the components and load info.


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At present I think I would look-up "all copper hunting bullets" on the web. any

one of the search engines should provide you with all the information.

Hornady doe's not show much except for a few standards...The ammo companies

are working up loads using copper bullets...www.longrangehunting.com. or www.barnesbullets.com or www.chuckhawks.com. also http://www.huntingwithnonlead.org/ Hope this helps a little.


Happy trails & good luck :)

Quick Draw Grandpaw


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