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Crazy Mingo

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Heee Haaa Crosscut.. I DID.. Still got Whooped.. ;)


Heee Haaa Crazy Mingo :wacko::wacko::FlagAm:

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Must have some strange rules in Tennessee. You CANNOT cock a gun with the off hand. Not even in duelist categories.


I'd lay off the Lynchburg Punch fer awhile, Widder.


Is that Widders speed secret? :P

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Dey's to tipes a chuters, dem wat brang da whuppin and dem wat suffa da whuppin!


I'd say better luck next time but probably it should read "more, better practice" next time! :blush:


Don't give up on GF Mingo!!!!!!

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Manatee: thanks for catchin that. After re-reading my post, I realized I didn't make my intended comment very clear.


Hope to see you at GOA this year!




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Last of all I have Never shot Gunfighter.. :huh: Its not EZ.. I tryed it for the first time yesterday,I put loaded gun back in the holsters,when I got to the last target I didn't have any ammo left in the guns..simple sequences I get all jammed up cross the guns ..well you get the picture.. -_-


First of all I'd like to point out one simple thing: DON'T EVER RE-HOLSTER PISTOLS UNLESS THEY ARE SHOT DRY!!!

I reckon it'll hurt bad if a mistake is done in that manner and Murphy's around.


From what I read you got a bunch of good advices already.


Foremost I'd like to advice you to take it slow. Safest would be not to cock unless you're about to shoot.


Next step would be doublecock, then two shots. Double-Cock, bang-bang...


Keep the pistols together infront of you.


Count in fives, you're used to that which makes it simplier.

I do like this when I double-cock: Cock(and), left(1), right(2), Cock(and), left(3), right(4), Cock(and), left(5), right(1), Cock(and), left(2), right(3), cock(and), left(4), right(5)


If pistols are split in two sequences, shoot double duelist. If you're shooting GF-style anyways, remember to NOT HOLSTER THE PISTOL, STAGE IT. And when shooting do alternating cocking. 1st string start with your left pistol.

Cock(1)-Left-Bang, Cock(2)-Right-Bang, Cock-Left(3)-Bang, Cock(4)-Right-Bang, Cock(5)-Left-Bang, STAGE PISTOLS!!!

Do as supposed...

Cock(1)-Right-Bang, Cock-Left(2)-Bang, Cock(3)-Right-Bang, Cock(4)-Left-Bang, Cock(5)-Right-Bang, HOLSTER PISTOLS!!!

Still take it slow!


Always start with your left hand, helps you with counting. In split sequences first start with left, second string right.


Suddenly you'll feel safe with it and the alternating cocking will start automatically.


Here in Sweden we require a shooter to first shoot two national matches duelist style, then show off for an examinor that the shooter manage double duelist, and then gunfighter. Together with simple security checks. For example if one gun malfunctions. What to do? Shoot the other pistol dry, holster that pistol, clear the malfunctional piece and finish the shooting string, or stage the errorous pistol if that is safe telling the TO that it broke down, or hand it in a safe manner to the TO(that is mussle up, and remember tell the TO it's broken). Don't try to repair it wile holding both pistols.


Safe is both the first and last word of CAS and Gunfighter, fun comes in between and natural...


Tell the TO in good time that you're fresh on shooting Gunfighter. If possible, have a TO that is an experianced gunfighter.


Don't shoot gunfighter for the first time on a match.


Dry-fire, and repeat hundreds of thousand times. At home, with holsters and table, put five post-its on the wall.

two red ones and three yellow in this order on a straight line: R-Y-Y-Y-R

Fetch your guns, make sure they are empty.

Clear the room on any left over ammo.

Check the guns once more. Empty!! Holster the pistols.

Move to dry-fire shooting range!

Check your pistols a third time, make sure they are empty. Holster them again!

Now you're set!

Focus on the targets. You are about to shoot the five targets with one click each from left to right double duelist style starting with your left pistol really slow. Remember sight picture, sight alignment.

Are you ready?


Grip both your pistols and pull the left: 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5, while holstering pull the other pistol.

1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5 and holster.

Repeat this until it feels comfortable, remember to look at the pistol you're holstering.

Now you'll do the same double duelist style, but pull both pistols together.


Grip both your pistols and pull both, focus on the left: 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5, change over to the other pistol.

1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5 and holster both pistols. Still slow, and when holstering keep an eye on the week hand holstering, strong hand probably find its way if you are moving hands in sync.

Repeat this until it feels comfortable, remember to look at the week pistol you're holstering. Take it slow!

Take a short break, get some water.


After the break, check that your pistols are empty! Safety first!

Now we're gonna shoot gunfighter. We start with the Cock-Target-Shoot method.

Keep the pistols together. We are about to do a red note shoot, i.e. just the outside targets Left/Right.


Grip both your pistols and pull both.

Left-Cock-Target-Shoot-One, Right-Cock-Target-Shoot

Left-Cock-Target-Shoot-Two, Right-Cock-Target-Shoot

Left-Cock-Target-Shoot-Three, Right-Cock-Target-Shoot

Left-Cock-Target-Shoot-Four, Right-Cock-Target-Shoot

Left-Cock-Target-Shoot-Five, Right-Cock-Target-Shoot


Repeat some times and relax, remember to take it slow.

Now the same but with Double-Cock.


Grip both your pistols and pull both.

Double Cock-One, Left, Right

Double Cock-Two, Left, Right

Double Cock-Three, Left, Right

Double Cock-Four, Left, Right

Double Cock-Five, Left, Right



Now you get the hold on shooting Gungfighter, try the methods and try them again.

When you're feeling safe: Practice some more!


If you're watching TV, have the pistols empty and practice cocking. If you're watching a great western, posse up in the shootouts... Make sure they are empty!

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